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About us

About Our Company

KMS ETH Health Trading SC is the first innovative healthcare company founded by professionals and innovators from various educational diversities from Ethiopia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. We envision a healthy and prosperous Ethiopian society to have access to quality health services and products for everyone.

TENAWO is the first multiuser health service website and mobile application in Ethiopia that play a vital role in the day-to-day health activities of society. The company is launched to close the communication gap between healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and clients.

This multi-user application comprises drug stores/pharmacies, laboratory/pathology, diagnostic centers, diagnostic imaging centers, private clinics/hospital, doctors appointments and consultation, homecare service, medical and pharmaceutical wholesalers, ambulance service, oxygen plant, nursing services, physiotherapy services, dental clinic services, medical tourism and more. Along with these services, it incorporates the taxi service for delivering the defined healthcare services. TENAWO has the prospect to save clients, doctors, and all institutions their valuable time and money when used properly.

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Our Mission

To build a healthy society by providing effective medical care information at an affordable price by connecting clients with the right service providers through technology.
To enable our society to have access and locate qualified Medical Doctors, pharmacies, medical laboratories, and other healthcare providers through user friendly technology.
To facilitate and connect clients who are seeking advanced medical care outside Ethiopia

Our Vision

We envision a healthy and prosperous Ethiopian society to have access to quality health services and products for everyone.

Our Core Values

We pursue TENAWO as a platform that makes a real difference for real people We are dedicated to ensuring that digital health is effective, usable, and feasible - and to make sure that digital health products that meet these metrics are shared widely.

We are driven by:

  1. 1) Systems perspective
  2. 2) Patient-focused excellence
  3. 3) Valuing people
  4. 4) Managing for innovation
  5. 5) Management by fact for quality of health services
  6. 6) Societal responsibility and community health
  7. 7) Ethics and transparency

Why Choose Us

  • Saves your time and money
  • You can find drugs or services within 500 meter radius
  • 100 % safe and simple